Tiger Investment is a leading independent investment company under Italian law by managers specializing in Real Estate, Construction, Security, Food & Beverage, PR & Events.
The team of Tiger Investment has developed a well-established track record of success in spite of the period of the global crisis by providing its customers and partners a high level of professionalism, reliability and success in implementing their development strategy and international growth.
The management team of the company has a long track record of success in business development in the areas mentioned at the disposal of companies of Italian excellence of "Made in Italy" who have the intention to acquire an international vision. Tiger Investment plays a vital role and need to get a high success in the process of internationalization of SMEs. A process that to date, considering the trend in global markets, has become crucial to ensure the continuity of generations and their economic development. Tiger Investment, through its international network concentrated mainly in the Asian area, is now able to provide all development services at 360 ° for companies, with a focus on the reduction of transaction costs and the maximization of the success factors. The working environment is young and employees feel an integral part of society and have the capacity to take full advantage of customer objectives.




    The main objective of Tiger Investment is to turn knowledge into value for its customers and their markets.

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    Tiger Investments is a major player in the food and beverage industry, view our latest investments.

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    In  2012 we started 2 new developments in Italy.

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